The Heritage Society has published three books on the history of Hartley Wintney, one by the late David Gorsky and two by Andy Morris who is a Heritage Society committee member responsible for historical research. All three books are availabe from the Heritage Society at £8 each and can be ordered using our on-line order form.

Gorsky David Gorsky was a previous Chairman of the Heritage Society and a prominent local historian. His book was originally published in 1970 and last revised in 1994. It is divided up into a series of walks around various parts of the parish with a historical commentary provided for each walk. The history of Individual properties are described together with a background to the development of the village from the time of Elizabeth I to the present day. It is full anecdotes of local tales and characters and remains the most comprehensive history of the village yet produced.     
This book, by Andy Morris, was published in 2020 and takes a look at life in the village around the time of Queen Victoria’s ascent to the throne in 1837. It uses census information from 1841 coupled with the detailed tithe map drawn up in 1842 to provide a background on how the village looked and how people lived during this early Victorian period of British history. Early Victorian
Victorian Heritage This was published in 2021 and is a follow up to Andy’s previous book. It takes the story of Victorian Hartley Wintney forward from the beginning of Victoria’s reign right through until her death in 1901. The Victorian period was one of great change in society and the effects of these changes are reflected in this book. It uses information from the seven national censuses carried out during Victoria’s reign together with ordnance survey maps and parish records to build a picture of the way life developed in the village during this period.